Thursday, February 12, 2009

IDEX's Social Media Strategy

Share IDEX's approach and successes with a broader audience by finding key influencers and engaging in debate about the issue we are working on. The goal would be to increase web traffic by 1000% in the first 6 months.

Target Audience:
Other non-profit organizations and bloggers working in our areas.
Our existing audience has a diverse age range, but we estimate it to be more heavily weighted in the 40+. This group and boomers are gradually spending more time on social networks, but by engaging influencers and building the identity of being seen as an expert in area we will be well positioned as they do come online.

IDEX would match image and brand on website, reinforce with email and online activities. Monitor keywords to hone SEO. Print mail would tell the same story and encourage people to find us online

Culture Change:
IDEX typically shares stories with our audience, but rarely is seen as experts in the field outside of conferences and our peers. It would be a shift to start doing this.

A SMART plan and ways to demonstrate ROI, will be key to implementing this plan, and making any changes.

In the beginning staff, board, and volunteers will be provided with guidelines on how to engage online and reply to comments. The Communications Director will offer relevant trainings and be the point person driving this campaign.

Most staff are on Facebook and LinkedIn and understand how these can work and are excited to explore the potential. No one who is uncomfortable will be forced to be online, however tools, support and encouragement will be available.

The Communications Director already allocates part of her day to listening via Twitter, RSS and Google Alerts. IDEX blogs 2+ times a week and participates on Twitter and Facebook. With additional support from volunteers and interns this will become more manageable.

Tools & Tactics:
Listening - RSS Reader, Google Alerts, Twitter, other Non-Profit blogs and emails.
Participation - active presence on Twitter and with bloggers so developing a better idea of who is out there and what they are saying.
Sharing our story - this is ongoing as we have material. Need to develop ideas to create content that can demonstrate our expertise.
Spreading the buzz - to be done!
Online Networking - some networking has been done on Facebook,, YouTube and Twitter. With a specific goal and plan these can become more cohesive.

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